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What Impact Will Stoops Have On Recruiting?

Posted: Nov 27, 2012 10:26 PM by Mary Jo Perino

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Two of the reasons Kentucky made Mark Stoops it's new head coach, an emphasis on defense and recruiting.

Stoops has overhauled a struggling Florida State defense to make it one of the nation's best. Now for that recruting thing. Stoops is known as a tireless recruiter. Many coaches say he has a way of relating with both players and parents and that's what makes him so good. He's also learned from some of the best.

Tom Bolden, the head coach at Colerain in Cincinnati, told the Courier-Journal that he's really excited about working with Stoops on getting kids from Cincy to UK. That could be huge. It's an area Kentucky coaches haven't seemed to capitalize on for years. Southeastern analyst Kynon Codrington says he'd be surprised if a single recruit de-committed upon hearing the news of Stoops' hire. He also said a couple of guys that are leaning Florida State might think about coming here because of their relationship with Stoops.

Stoops was an assistant at Miami from 2001-03. That's where his recruiting ties in south Florida began. There have been reports that Stoops had a list of recruits when he initially met with Barnhart to show how he could turn the program around and how he had done his homework.

The extent of Stoops' impact on recruiting will in some respects take a while to be felt, and we may notice a big boost just in this offseason with the ties he already has.