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UK Player Comments Pre-Morehead State

Posted: Nov 20, 2012 5:51 PM
Updated: Nov 20, 2012 5:51 PM

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Jarrod Polson, Kyle Wiltjer and Julius Mays talked about playing Morehead State Wednesday night at 7pm at Rupp.

Player Quotes
#5 Jarrod Polson, G, Jr.
On playing against great players and how it's helped him improve...
"I definitely think I have gotten way better. Obviously I didn't play much in my first two years, but I was going
against great players in practice every day. I have definitely improved a lot since high school and playing
against them has helped tremendously."

On how much they have worked on beating the press...
"The past week we have been going over press at least fifteen minutes a day. We even had six guys out
there playing defense. I'm just trying to get in game like situations during practice, because we know that
they are probably going to press tomorrow. We have gotten a lot more comfortable with the press break and
we kind of know what we want to do with it now."

On how players with limited playing time should use their opportunities in the game...
"For me, it's just going out there and playing hard. Obviously, when you are not getting as many minutes,
it's probably easier to get yanked out of the game, but you can't really think about it like that. Just play as
hard as you can because you don't know how many minutes you are going to get. That's my mindset really,
just play hard and pressure them defensively. That is going to help with getting more comfortable and less

#33 Kyle Wiltjer, F, So.
On if he is looking to shoot the ball more...
"I'm trying to be more aggressive, so I guess so."

On getting closer to having Ryan (Harrow) back in the lineup...
"He worked out yesterday and looked fine. I have seen him a lot the past couple of days. He seems up to
speed and he's looking forward to practicing. He's practicing today so hopefully he can get back to full
speed and get better."

On what kind of difference Harrow will make with his return...
"He's a very talented player and having him back will give us a little extra depth. Hopefully he will continue
to get up to speed and get where we need him."

On the improvement made by the team...
"We are improving as a team. We have done a great job at practice and going hard every day and bringing
it. Regardless of who we play, we have done a great job of learning from these opportunities and getting
better as a team. Also, just little things like running wide or running hard in practice every day. The more
you do it in practice, the more it becomes instinct."

#34 Julius Mays, G, GS
On how the team is improving ...
"We're still looking at every game as a learning game. We're trying to get better at something new each
game. We're still trying to attack to the offensive and defensive glass a lot better. I think we are starting to
define ourselves scoring in transition, wanting to post the ball and play like that."
On having 10 assists with no turnovers against Lafayette ...
"I knew when I was passing a lot of people were hitting shots. I figured I had a nice number of assists, but I
didn't know I had that many. I also didn't know I had zero turnovers, so it felt good ... If another guy is open
and he has a better shot than I do then I'm always ready to pass it."

On the possibility of playing point guard ...
"If you get the ball off a rebound or a big guy throws it to you, it's not like Coach Cal told me I can't push it or
make a play. We really don't have a set point guard when we're in transition. It's mainly when we're trying to
play in the half court."

On being able to find Kyle Wiltjer so often against Lafayette ...
"It's really when you're in the heat of the moment. At first I was thinking layup, and then Kyle popped up in
the corner. I saw he was wide open, and I had drawn most of the defense when I drove it. He had a better
shot than me taking a contested layup."

On his role at Kentucky compared to last season at Wright State...
"It's different. Last year I was a guy with the ball in my hands for half, if not more than half of the game.
Making plays a lot more myself than anything else. Coming in this year we have a lot of guys that score the
ball even better than I do. I said at the beginning of the year I don't care if I average five points a game, I
just want to win."