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UK Gets Special Assistant Coach For Transy Game

Posted: Nov 5, 2012 10:17 PM
Updated: Nov 5, 2012 11:35 PM

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A special guest sat on UK's bench during Monday night's game against Transylvania University. George Goodwin played assistant coach for the night.

George is Lane Goodwin's dad; the McClean County teen who battled cancer for three years before he was laid to rest in October.

George got quite the welcome at Rupp Arena, as he gave the now famous thumbs up for Lane. Hundreds of fans rose to their feet and gave it right back.

"The generosity of somebody doing this for me and a chance to meet the players--some of the best players in the nation, all just super nice kids--it just dumbfounds me to a certain extent," George said.

Before tip-off, Coach Cal tweeted a picture of him and George with the team. Cal is just one of many celebrities to hear about Lane's fight against cancer. The story and "thumbs up" campaign touched the lives of hundreds of thousands on a Facebook page.

George says his son kept his smile until the end, and it continues inspiring people after Lane's death.

"He never lost being positive, he knew where he was at, he knew where he was going. As I explained to someone else, I lost my son early, and it's still emotional for me and my wife and my other son, but it's comforting to know where he's at," George says.