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Stoops' Father Helps Keep Mark Grounded

Posted: Feb 25, 2013 4:43 PM by Alan Cutler
Updated: Feb 25, 2013 4:57 PM

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He was being trained as a future coach before he knew what was happening.

It's become a popular question to ask someone who would be the three people they would like to have dinner with.

With Mark Stoops, we narrowed it down to one - his father. What if his father was able to come back and have dinner with his son, the head coach at Kentucky?

"You're not going to try and make me cry with the first question are you?" says Stoops.

Stoops quickly gets serious. Ron Stoops was a defensive coordinator in high school who was teaching his sons the game at an early age.

"The thing that comes to mind very quickly is for my Dad, he doesn't have to say much but he would just look at me a certain way and say keep things in perspective. And that's a big thing with him. Have some humility about what you do."

Stoops has a sense of humor. Growing up in a small house, his dad used to watch film in the kitchen with his sons.

Stoops started coaching as a graduate assistant in the late 1980's. GA's normally have no money.

"Yeah, I think I was prepared with the 16 milometer film. That's when I started as a GA because I'm old also, we had 16 milometer also. When my Dad was watching the film and it would break, I learned how to splice it up and get the tape together. When I was a GA, I was prepared for that."

As he's prepared to be the head coach at Kentucky.