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Poythress' Father Having A Great Time Watching His Son

Posted: Dec 17, 2012 3:36 PM by Alan Cutler
Updated: Dec 17, 2012 3:39 PM

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In Cal's world no one expects the best players to stay. Alex Poythress' dad is strong about the value of an education. No matter where Alex is next year, that process must continue.

"Always try to get his degree," says Antoine Poythress. "Our goal is, we haven't talked about the NBA. We have talked to him about working hard and improving, and getting his work done to improve his life."

There are times when someone tells you that, it's hot air. Alex's dad is serious when it comes to education.

"That's the first thing out of my mouth a couple of days ago, how are you doing on your finals. how did you do on your first two finals. How did you do yesterday on your finals. When do you have your tutoring sessions. Academics is the top. He has to get that done. Long term, that's the best thing for him."

There was a time when Alex decided not to go to the beach because he had some work to do.

"He's always pretty straightforward. Example, last summer when he was down at my house and the all the girls went to the beach, he stayed home to do his AP homework. He's pretty serious. That's without me asking him to do it. He just said oh I got AP homework. I'll do it now while you all go to the beach. I thought was a pretty mature move."

To Camp Cal. Dad knows what is going on. He and Cal have talked. Dad and Alex have talked.

"He says last week has been really tough in practice. A lot of running and things of that nature, but he's a big kid so he understood what he was getting into when he arrived on campus."

Dad has told Alex to figure out what Cal wants, because Cal won't give in, and it's the best way to make it easier on him.

"I tell him we knew what we were signing up for so you just got to get through and do it. In the long run it is the best thing for him. Just a couple of bumps in the road for him. He just has to fight through it and work through it."

Which is exactly what Cal wants.