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Noel and Goodwin Talk About Louisville

Posted: Dec 28, 2012 4:29 PM

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Freshman Nerlens Noel and Archie Goodwin say they know what to expect when the Cats take on Louisville Dec. 29 in the KFC Yum! Center. Here's a little bit of what the freshman and Junior Jarrod Polson had to say the day before the rivalry tips off.

Nerlens Noel

On what he has heard about the game ...
"I've felt for a few years back now that it's a big rivalry in the state of Kentucky."
On Gorgui Dieng playing ...
"Definitely, especially since it gives them no excuse to say we didn't have this player or that player. It's
going to be a great matchup having him play. I know him a little bit from the summer. He's a real good kid
and a real good player. I'm looking forward to the matchup."
On going into the game as the underdog ...
"It is definitely pretty fun; we're definitely looking forward to it and ready to prove people wrong. We've been
working real hard these past couple of weeks."
On determining how far they've come ...
"I think this will be a good test for us. As long as we just go out there and compete and play hard I think we'll
be good either way."
On Gorgui Dieng's game being similar to his ...
"I'm definitely looking forward to it. It's going to be a good matchup for myself. I'm definitely ready for the
challenge. He's a bigger dude, about 6'10. I mean, he's a physical player and I'm ready for the challenge."
On what they've learned from the Notre Dame game ...
"We've really focused in on making sure we play hard at all times. That was our main problem then. This
time around for an away game, we need to focus on playing hard and competing."

Jarrod Polson

On Louisville forcing turnovers...
"It's a really big key. They really like to get up and pressure you full court press pretty much all game so
we've been working on pressuring for two weeks now. Hopefully that's going to work out. We've just got to
be strong with the ball is really the key and hopefully turnovers won't hurt us too bad."
On the history of UK and Louisville...
"I've grown up watching it every year, always rooting for UK as a kid so this is really fun for me. It's a fun
game for me but at the end of the day, they know what the rivalry is about, all the other players, so we're
really looking forward to it."
On breaking Louisville's defense...|
"Just doing what (Coach) Cal says to do, getting in the right spot, moving the ball and just making sure
we're spaced right."

Archie Goodwin

On playing Louisville...
"It's always a great opportunity to go somewhere where you're not welcomed and to win. We're just trying to
go in there and turn some heads, let people know that we actually are a good team."
On playing against a top-ranked team...
"It's very exciting. It gives us another chance to show how good we are and it's something we've been
looking forward too. We're going to come out strong and try and get the win."
On the rivalry between UK and Louisville...
"It's a big game. It's not just the media that really says it. You can just see it going around town. They even
have a little Kentucky and Louisville commercial that I saw on TV in the past couple day so it's a big rivalry
and it's something we knew coming in here. All schools have their rivalry and this is just one of them."

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