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MacIntyre Has Turned San Jose State Into A Winner

Posted: Nov 26, 2012 6:11 PM by Alan Cutler
Updated: Nov 26, 2012 6:13 PM

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True Blue fans don't like Tennessee, Duke or Louisville.

If San Jose State's Mike MacIntyre becomes the next UK Football coach and at this point who knows, ties to two of those schools could be important. McIntyre was David Cutcliffe's defensive coordinator at Duke. Cutcliffe and UK Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart were together at Tennessee. No way MacIntyre, whose father coached Vandy to one of it's greatest seasons ever, would get hired without Cutcliffe and Barnhart talking.

If you want to change UK football, two things have to happen. One, you have to recruit much better. And two, you have to change the culture. Right now at UK it's a losing culture. Wouldn't it be smart to hire someone who knows how to change a losing culture?

San Jose State was a mess when Mike MacIntyre arrived. One bowl game in 20 years. He won 1 game his first year. Five games in year two. Of the five wins, four came in the final minute of the game. This year, not only has San Jose State won 10 games, but they are ranked 25th in the new BCS poll; an amazing turnaround.

"This is the most interesting team I've been involved with in terms of chemistry," MacIntyre told the San Francisco Chronicle.

"They're all cheering for each other. When I saw that, I said we've got something special. They all know their roles. It's absolutely a blast. We keep saying we're living our dream."

UK once tried to get the great Bill Parcells to move to Lexington. MacIntyre coached under him in the NFL at Dallas. He played for Vandy and Georgia Tech under the tough Bobby Ross. If UK wants him, they better move fast.