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Joker Tells Jared Lorenzen To Shut Up

Posted: Sep 19, 2012 4:16 PM by Alan Cutler
Updated: Sep 19, 2012 4:24 PM

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Being shy was never a problem with Jared Lorenzen. When Brent Pease was his coach at Kentucky, he didn't like him.

When Pease became Florida's offensive cordinator, the former UK quarterback went off on Twitter.

"Seriously, Brent Pease at Florida?," tweeted Jared back in January. "He's freaking crazy and was brutal at UK when I was there. Won't be able to handle it and will be run out!"

Pease knows about Jared's love for him, so he wants to put 50 points on Kentucky Saturday.

"Oh yeah?" says Joker Phillips, who claims he didn't know about what Jared has been doing. "Tell Jared to shut the hell up. Tell Pease that Jared is sorry, okay? I apologize for him."

To a bigger problem. This isn't good. Max Smith and Morgan Newton have something in common. They are tough football players. Max got beat up against Western Kentucky. When he met the media after losing to Western he was limping and there was ice on his throwing shoulder. When LEX18 asked how his shoulder was doing, you expect Max to downplay the problem.

"My shoulder is alright," says Max Smith. "Definitely not 100%. Just alright right now."

Max admits it wasn't easy. Throw four interceptions and keep your head in the game against Western Kentucky. You need a short memory to be a special quarterback so you can just go out and play the next play. As bad as Max was playing, he was never worried about losing his job as quarterback of the Cats.

"I wasn't at any point and time worried about the security of my job at all. I felt like I earned my spot just like Peyton Manning earned his spot, just because he threw three picks on three consecutive drives, doesn't mean they are going to pull him and put in the next guy so."

There is another problem at UK. Forget about coaching. Forget about recruiting. One thing might not solve all the problems here, but it could really help. When it comes to the making a tackle, Joker admits that UK isn't good at it. The players admit it's a problem.

It's not something that Joker has the team spend much time working on during the season. Tackling is all about being tough. If this team starts tackling, things will get better. How much better? Who knows but it will get better.