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Joker Sends Morgan Newton To The "Kitty Litter"

Posted: Aug 7, 2011 9:10 PM by Mary Jo Perino

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Joker Phillips is focusing so much on turnovers, that if you make too many mistakes in practice, you're going to the kitty litter.

That's what Joker calls a little sandpit where he sends players to roll around in and recover fumbles after practice.

On Sunday, Morgan Newton found himself in the kitty litter, along with backup quarterback Max Smith and a defensive back.

"The difference from us winning seven, eight, nine games last year was turnovers. Let's be real with it," said Joker Phillips after Sunday's practice. "When you're hot and sweaty you've got to go back out and understand how important turnovers are to this football team, to this football program period."

Kentucky was 4-0 last season in games in which the Wildcats won the turnover margin, but only 2-7 when tying or losing the turnover battle.

"The difference has been putting the ball on the ground and not taking it away. The ball's been on the ground a couple of times and we didn't get it. Drop an interception, that's a turnover. If we're going to close the gap, turnovers are going to be a huge part of it."