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Joker Coaching Against Louisville In BCS Game

Posted: Jan 1, 2013 6:33 PM by Mary Jo Perino

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It's been a pretty crazy couple of months for Joker Phillips. From being fired at his alma mater, to coaching in a BCS game against Louisville of all teams.

Joker is now the receivers coach and recruiting coordinator at Florida, who will take on the Cardinals in the Sugar Bowl Wednesday night. Florida coach Will Muschamp says because of the kind of person Joker is, it made it easy to hire him. His experience is an added bonus.

"He's an outstanding football coach and I really felt like we needed to add some experience at the position for a receiving corps that we're still trying to develop," said Muschamp in New Orleans.

Joker is with the Gators for the game, but most of his work will come afterwards.

"He's not done much in the bowl game other then I told my receivers you've got a month audition for your position coach, so let.s do a good job and those guys I think have responded the correct way. He'll be a really good addition. Here's a guy that's been a head coach that I totally embrace having in the room," said Muschamp.