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John Wall Talking Like A Team Leader

Posted: Jul 19, 2012 12:48 PM

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Former UK point guard says its time for him to step up and lead the Washington Wizards to the next level.

During an interview with a HoopsVille reporter, Wall first praised Wizards' coaches and management.

"I mean, the organization, the general manager, the owner and the coaching staff are doing a great job. Now it's just up to us the players to go out there and execute what they're giving us and play our best."

Then the former Wildcat point guard indicated he's ready to take a leadership role.

"Yeah, it's time for me to be in the playoffs, it's time to be an All-Star," Wall said. "It's all those type of things that I've been wanting and wanting for this organization, to help the Wizards get better. So it's all up to me to lead my team and us to get better."

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