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Harrow Returns With A Smile

Posted: Nov 28, 2012 6:47 PM by Alan Cutler
Updated: Nov 28, 2012 6:51 PM

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Was Ryan Harrow leaving the team for Thanksgiving with his mother because he had a "family" issue he needed to deal with? Or, was he was leaving UK. Harrow says he was never leaving, but there remains some unanswered questions.

Cal has built a great reputation for having his point guards become instant millionaires as soon as they leave. Plus you have Cal being tough on his point guard, whoever that is. When you follow point guards like John Wall and Brandon Knight, it's not easy. You want to continue the tradition.

Harrow got sick. It's a mysterious problem. Harrow admits that the pressure of playing for Cal might have had something to do with his problem.

"It might have played a role in me getting sick," says UK's point guard. "I wasn't really thinking about it like that so. I just always get sick like this even in high school. Like my senior year in high school I passed out and they could never find out what was wrong with me and it happened every year after that so."

Harrow gets sick about the same time every year. When it happened last year while he was sitting out as a transfer, the media and fans didn't miss him when he was gone from practice for a week.

Harrow thinks that Cal is being nicer to him now that he's back.

"I don't believe so," says Cal. "He had just been gone so long that you just start thinking that everything I said was negative. I'm coaching him exactly the same."

There are two changes in Harrow since he played for Cal. The long hair is gone. Mom didn't like it.

The smile for his first practice back is the second change.

"It felt good," says the point guard. "All I could do is smile on Sunday when I was at practice. I'm happy."

The time away was painful. When Kentucky played Duke, Harrow couldn't watch. He used his phone to check out some updates. He just couldn't watch.

If he has to watch against Notre Dame, he promises to cheer his teammates on.