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Goodwin Slowly Becoming Kentucky's Leader

Posted: Dec 6, 2012 9:17 PM by Mary Jo Perino

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The Cats need a leader, so who's in the lead to take that role?

Obviously issues at point guard have only heightened the issue. Teammates say Archie Goodwin is becoming that guy.

"Right now it's looking like Archie should be our leader," said Willie Cauley-Stein. "He's our motor. Him and nerlens are our motors so when they're on the floor they got to pick each other up and they got to talk to other people."

It's been a slow process for Archie, especially having to log so many minutes at a position he's not best suited for. But he's getting there.

"The past week Archie has done a really good job of talking on the floor and in the huddle telling people. I think in a couple more weeks we're going to be where we need to be," said Cauley-Stein.

It starts in practice. Actually, it starts before practice. Last season, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist started the breakfast club. Eventually nearly the whole team was joining him for extra work. It worked. Now Archie is trying the same thing.

"There's four of us that are in the gym and it carried over. Before there was one guy in the gym and it was Archie. He was preaching about Kyle (Wiltjer) and Jarrod (Polson) was in there all the time last year and it showed with Kyle. So he's challenging Kyle to get back in the gym and get his stroke down," said Cauley-Stein.