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Freshman Wide Receiver Trying To Learn Where To Go

Posted: Sep 18, 2012 4:07 PM by Alan Cutler
Updated: Sep 18, 2012 9:25 PM

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Blame the quarterback. It's easy to do. But, after looking at the tape of losing to Western Kentucky, it's not as much on Max Smith as you might think when you are sitting in the stands. But, four interceptions is really ugly.

"Bad decision, bad throw, a miscommunication, and a big time play by one of their guys," says Offensive Coordinator Randy Sanders.

To DeMarcus Sweat. Explosive. He's that rare player who can change a game. Joker wants UK to get the ball in his hands more. But, there is a problem.

"He's good at catching, and running after he catches it," says Sanders. "He's not real good at being where he is supposed to be. Right now when he is on the field there is a good chance that somebody's band is going to play. We just have to make sure it's ours, and not the other team."

If Sweat doesn't know where he is going and runs the wrong way, Sanders is worried about another interception.

"I know you know for the most part, looking at it and stuff, is just getting the formations down, getting that down, so," says Sweat. "That's coming a long."

What's also coming along is the way he moved up the depth chart. UK lists at wide receiver either the freshman or senior Aaron Boyd.

When it comes to assistant coaches in the SEC you can make a case that wide receiver coach Pat Washington understands as much as anyone about what it takes to become a wide receiver in the NFL. He believes Sweat can do it, if..and the if is on him.

"He reminds me of some of the players I've coached in the past that did have a chance to play in the NFL," says Pat Washington. "He's eager to learn. He's working hard. If he continues to do that. Freshman to sophomore year means a lot. After the season, as a sophomore, if you see vast improvements, then he's probably on his way. If not, then he's probably going to struggle to find his way."

Sweat has the potential to someday make millions, but he might also be one of the many who at 40 say to themselves, 'what happened?' The fact that he has this kind of talent and is "eager" as Washington says makes you believe he can be very special.

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