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Free Enes? Cats Also Would Love To Know

Posted: Dec 2, 2010 6:23 PM by Alan Cutler
Updated: Dec 2, 2010 6:23 PM

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Anxious is the word of the day.

At your office today, or when you went to lunch, did you hear someone say, what about Enes Kanter? It's everywhere..

The Cats are in the same holding pattern.

Will the appeal work? The NCAA ruled the 6-foot-11 freshman permanently ineligible for accepting $33,033 in excessive benefits in 2008-09 when he played for Fenerbahce, a pro club in his native Turkey.

Cal whose still battling the loss of his mother didn't talk to the media on Thursday. His assistant, John Robic responded to LEX18 when asked if he is optimistic about Enes being able to against North Carolina Saturday.

"I don't know anything about the case or the hearing, and it's really been out of our hands so I really can't answer that question," says Robic.

"I'm just like everyone else around here."

Doron Lamb, or instant offense as he's called, loves the possibility of Kanter being able to play against North Carolina.

"If he plays Saturday, I don't know that would be crazy," says UK's guard. "I know Kentucky would be happy. We just have to wait and see."

"I think about it sometimes, but you asked me so I answered the question. I don't really sleep on it but I think about it sometimes."

The media obviously can't talk to Kanter. But it's tough to believe he isn't worried.

"He's worried, he's always talking about if he was playing but we just have to wait and see," says Lamb.

Darius Miller isn't just a Kentucky starter, growing up in Mason Co., he really understands how True Blue Fans think.

"I think we've all been pretty anxious," says UK's forward. "I mean he's a great player and he can be a huge help, an asset to the team so we are all just waiting just like everybody else."

You have to wonder how many sleepless nights Kanter has had.

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