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Davender Tells LEX18 He Is Not Selling His Prison Uniform On Ebay

Posted: Dec 27, 2012 3:22 PM by Mary Jo Perino

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There is an Ed Davender signed prison uniform up for auction on Ebay, but Davender says he's not the one who put it there.

"I'm trying to rebuild my life," Davender told LEX18 Sports on Thursday.

Davender was released from prison in March and says he's done everything he can to keep his name out of the media and try to move forward with his fiance and children. He's hoping this is just a minor blip and doesn't harm him any more. Davender said he made mistakes and that he's paid for that, but is not a career criminal.

"It's not like signing a UK basketball for a kid. That's not a happy memory for me," said Davender.

The prison uniform does bear his signature. Davender said he was in prison with so many people and he did autograph things but they were not meant for resale.