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Cauley-Stein Says The Cats Still Haven't Bought In All The Way

Posted: Jan 14, 2013 10:09 PM by Mary Jo Perino

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If you think you're frustrated, imagine what the players are feeling. They entered the season thinking they were the defending national champs. Lose one game, maybe they thought that, but they never thought it would be like this.

"When I first came here? No. It's kentucky. They lost one game and I wasn't expecting to lose, not five games," said Willie Cauley-Stein.

Cauley-Stein admits this team hasn't yet bought in to Coach Cal. They aren't doing what he's asking them do to.

"It's always been an issue, we just haven't changed yet," Cauley-Stein said.

The UK center says there is now a sense of urgency. They've heard the rumblings of fans wondering if in the year after winning a national title, the Cats will now be NIT-bound. There's plenty of time to get things turned around, and Cal still believes no one will want to see this team come March, but that will depend on if the players decide to become a team.

"I think we have been it's just been a slow process. We're not all the way there, that's why you get those last mistakes in the last four minutes of the game when we can't close it out," he said. "I think now we're like we're going to be the only ones that have our back in the whole thing so we just got to stick with each other."