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Cats Will Practice Early Sunday Morning

Posted: Dec 15, 2012 5:48 PM by Alan Cutler
Updated: Dec 15, 2012 6:00 PM

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Be honest. How many of you were starting to say to yourself, 'I wonder if that Kyle Wiltjer is going to turn out to be a player?' A great shooter who was in a horrible slump. Only making five of his last 30 from downtown coming into Saturday's game with Lipscomb.

Against Lipscomb he hit seven of nine from downtown. His 23 points was wonderful. And his 12 rebounds was a career high. What was special was, he was fighting for rebounds before he hit a shot. Maybe this is the breakout game he needed.

"I don't care that he made shots," says Cal. "He got 12 rebounds."

Scott Sanderson believes UK fans are the best. He compares Kentucky basketball to Alabama football. His father will always be considered one of Alabama's great basketball coaches.

"Starting the second half, Kentucky wasn't ready to play," says Lipscomb coach Scott Sanderson. "They weren't ready to play, and they gave us every opportunity."

Cal still isn't happy with all the little things his team isn't doing.

And somebody behind me said, "Alex (Poythress) is standing straight up and down," says Cal. "And I went,"wow, you guys are watching it too, huh?"

Cal's message to the team after the game was short.

"8am workout, see you there," says Ryan Harrow.

Tomorrow? Sunday?

"Yeah, that's it. Yeah."

Harrow didn't look happy.

The key for Kentucky becoming great is one word, listening.

"But listening is a skill, and if those guys buy in and don't resist what he is trying to teach them, they have a chance to be as good as they want to be," says Scott Sanderson.

This is powerful. What Harrow believes Cal thinks of the team.

"That's his biggest thing, we did all of that in practice and we don't do that in the game so he basically calls us fakes. Like we are just faking it in practice and then we just go out and do our own stuff in the game."

Something else shouldn't be lost. It was the best game for Ryan Harrow, which is the same thing we said the last game. Maybe he's getting it. 12 points, 2 assists, no turnovers and he was on the court for 31 minutes.

The bottom line is going against Pitino is two games away. The Cats aren't ready. Not even close. Cal knows that, but he's not sure the team gets it.

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