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Cal Wants To Bench Some Players

Posted: Jan 25, 2013 6:17 PM by Alan Cutler
Updated: Jan 25, 2013 6:17 PM

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It's the strongest comment Cal has made this year.

Many True Blue Fans have been thinking the same thing. Cal says some of the players deserve to sit and not play.

"Like we need some guys to sit right now," says Cal. "There are some guys who should not be playing but 4-5 minutes that are playing 30. They don't deserve to be on the court. But where we are right now, they have to be out there. Or we have to sit them and take the consequences which is the next step."

Cal wants those that don't listen, to be like Kyle. Cal's description of how Kyle is in practice is a remarkable change.

"Dunking every ball. Screaming on dunks. Sprinting up and down the floor. Blocking out and going and grabbing rebounds in traffic. He is an animal. Screaming on dunks. He's trying to get Alex to scream on dunks. Screaming on dunks for Alex when Alex dunks."

Animal? Kyle? Really? Wiltjer was called out by Cal. Vandy went right after him. Cal said he had two choices, change or sit.

"It made me feel bad, I just wanted to get back in the gym and get better," says Kyle. "I feel like I've done a better job everyday getting better and building from that game. Just using that for motivation."

Since Kyle has changed, he's used him as an example of changing in front of the team. And, to those that haven't changed, Cal says they are delusional.

Is this team going to get it? I don't know. You don't know, and the bad thing is Cal doesn't know.