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Bob Stoops Has Some Advice For His Younger Brother

Posted: Nov 27, 2012 8:15 PM by Mary Jo Perino

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Ask anyone involved in college football at any level, and they know the Stoops brothers. Coaching for them is a family tradition.

Brother Bob is probably the most well-known. He's firmly entrenched as the head coach at Oklahoma, and has had tremendous success there. He says his brother Mark was ready to take the next step, becoming a head coach.

"I'm excited for Mark, happy for him and proud of him. He's earned it," said Bob Stoops.

He's also got some advice for his kid brother.

"Trust your instincts. When you get one of those positions, everybody wants to tell you what to do. I took it at my own pace, trusted my guy and my instincts on what I wanted to do. Fortunately it worked out."

The elder Stoops also thinks that his brother can be successful at Kentucky. He said Mark's been recruiting heavily in SEC territory for years and knows the lay of the land. Bob says Mark can get players to UK.

"I believe that Kentucky, as he does, has a lot of potential, a lot of resources to build," said the Oklahoma coach.